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Why Write a Business Blog?

Posted on: June 17th, 2013 by Wendy Gittleson

Keeping up with a weekly or bi-weekly blog is tough – I know. Sometimes I have trouble following even my own advice. Once I’m done writing my clients’ blogs, websites and other needs, I have little time to dedicate to my own business, which as any first year business student will tell you, is the biggest mistake you can make. A blog is one of the easiest ways to separate you from your competition and to boost your search engine ranking. It also provides your clients and customers with an easy reference library – without having to leave your site.

Your website, no matter how well written, is most likely just an overview of the wealth of your knowledge. A blog provides you with the opportunity to address a specific topic that might be of interest to your customers.

This can benefit you in a number of ways. A well-written blog will be keyword heavy, which means that when a person is looking for information, a search engine might point them to your website.

If someone is thinking of using your services or buying your products, they can scan through your blog posts and have questions answered quickly and efficiently. A well-done blog will show them that you have the chops to do the job. It can also be fun to peruse – almost like a magazine.

Search engines hate static websites. If you don’t regularly update your content, the search engine “crawlers” will eventually start passing you by and your rank will start going down and down. Updating and optimizing your regular web pages can be expensive and time consuming. Writing a blog post, on the other hand, can give you the freshness that search engines seek and the time/cost investment is a fraction of what an optimized web page costs.

In the days of social media, it’s often tough to find things worthy of sharing. A captivating blog post can help increase your social media viability.

What exactly is a blog?

In short, a blog is about 300-700 words on a topic that would specifically be of interest to your clientele. It should be written in a way that is casual and conversational. It should not be an overt sales tool. You want your customers to view your blog as information, not as an advertisement. Sure, you can mention your company, but like the rest of the blog, make it casual.

A blog can be a great way to showcase some of the work you’ve done, whether it be through video or through images. You can demonstrate a point with videos that are available to share on YouTube. It will be better read with compelling images and video, but don’t force it. If it doesn’t make sense to include a video, it will come off as desperate.

You don’t have to be an expert writer to have an expert blog. If you are a fairly good writer, the casual style of blogging might suit you well. However, a blog should still be well-written. You want it to flow and to be free from errors. Once someone starts reading, you want them to want to continue.

If writing is not your forte, that’s okay. If you simply don’t have time, that’s okay too. Hiring someone to blog for you is typically not that expensive. You can provide the expertise and the writer can put it to words. In most cases, the writer will envision a topic and research it. All you would need to offer is input.


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