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Is Your Website Losing Business For You?

Posted on: August 21st, 2014 by Wendy Gittleson

Some time ago, I approached a friend of mine, suggesting he update his website. My friend is brilliant. He’s in the financial industry and is consistently written up in national publications as one of the best in the country. His clients love him and he is at the enviable point in his career where he lives off of repeat business and referrals.

Unfortunately, his website, which hasn’t changed since sometime in the late 20th Century (I’m not exaggerating), doesn’t reflect the successful, savvy financial advisor that he is. Instead, it paints a picture of a dusty old office and of someone who puts little effort or creativity into their work, which is quite the opposite of the kind of businessman he is. Since my friend does get all of his business from referrals and repeats, he saw no need whatsoever to update. I didn’t push the matter any further, but I do wonder how much business he’s lost by not having a better website.

Not every business earns business from its website. Not every company has need for search engine optimization, but even for those companies, a website is like a business card, only a good one offers so much more.

When a customer is given a referral, one of the first things many do is head to the company’s website. They might not even be sure what they’re looking for, other than that first personal connection. Of course, a nice head shot can be important, but so is information. Customers want to know that you are expert at your field.

A good website will include the latest in information. An updated blog, full of market trends and legal changes will help prompt potential clients into picking up the phone.

A dated or pedestrian website, on the other hand, might not turn off all potential clients, but it will some. The loss of business will be silent; you won’t know that they were ever looking at your site, you won’t know they turned your business down, but nonetheless, it will be business lost. An investment in an updated website and an hour or so a week set aside for writing about your expertise will mean the world to potential, and current, clients.

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